Save Your changes as Morphs

1.  Make all your changes, dial all your dials till you get the look you want...
now save it as a .pz3...


2. Open Morph Manager and load the pz3 in the top box and load the object that was used, in this case we are using the P4 Nude Woman so we load that obj in the 3rd box....Poser puts the .obj files in the Geometrics folders so you can find the P4 woman obj here:
Poser 4\Runtime\Geometries\P4NudeWoman\P4NudeWom.obj

Please read the Help files with Morph Manager at a later time

Then we go down the list till we find the head (because that's all we are working on now, but if we had changed other body parts, we'd do the same steps for them) ...and left click on MORPH TARGETS to highlight it, then right click on it and select Combine Morph Targets. In the new window, give your morph a name..I named mine the same as the pz3 (Jolie)....then click the select all button and after they are all highlighted, click on Combine




Then you'll see where it added it to the top of the list


3.  Right click on your morph and select "export to OBJ" and find a place to put it and wait for it to finish....and close out Morph Manager.




Open any Character in Poser...
because we made a morph from the P4NudeWoman, then it has to be a Posette charater, not Vicki.

4.  Double click the head and select "Add Morph Target".  Locate the .obj and give it a name...then click ok in that box and the next box.



It will be on the top of the list by the name you gave it.
Move the dial to get the results


to make sure you have the exact same effects,
be sure all the other dials are set to 00